Navigation Maps

Maps used by the BMW system differ depending on the model of navigation computer installed.  Up until 2003 the version of Nav systems (non-Japanese) use maps identified with 'high'.  Models after the Mk4 use maps identified with 'Business' and 'Professional'.

'High' maps and 'Business / Professional' maps are not interchangeable.

If you are burning your own maps from an .ISO file or .BIN and .CUE to CD or DVD be sure to use the medium most suitable.  Of the Mk1 to Mk4 Nav models only the Mk4 supports DVDs.  Also, if the map file size is under about 600MB then use a CD-R as it is more robust.

Japanese double layer DVD map.

Singapore CD map.

You may find a newer version of the Australian and NZ map here:  (204,800KB) (9,140KB)

Use WinRAR to unzip these files.  When you select part1, part2 will automatically be included.

When the .rar files have been extracted you will have a folder with two files, one is NAV_DB.BIN and the other is NAV_DB.CUE.

When you burn a navigation CD / DVD using these files, the burning software will use the .CUE file to determine the way to do the burning.  Select 'burn image to disk'.  CD-R and DVD-R have been tested. 

When the Navigation map disk creation has completed, check the content on your PC.  You should have five files: