BMW Nav System

So you are interested in the BMW navigation system.  Here I deal with the older versions up to Mk4 used until about 2003.

Information here refers to the 'Carin / VDO Daytona' systems used on BMW vehicles. These vehicles use i-Bus as the medium linking different controls to the on-board computer.

E38 (7 Series)
E39 (5 Series)
E46 (3 Series)
E53 (X5)
E83 (X3)
E85, E86 (Z4)
E65, E66 (7 Series)

Information on this site was gathered from lots of different forums and websites, most are included on my 'useful links' page.  Of particular mention is Jochen Siegenthaler (kiwijochen) who has done many Japanese to Global conversions and has it down to a fine art.  His personal help to myself and many others is is very much appreciated.

dDrive (CCC / Cic) MODELS
E65 E60 E90 E70
Are not covered on this site.