Operating Software

Over the life of the navigation computers newer versions of the operating software have been released. You can determine the hardware and software version by looking at the information on the top right side of the 'SET' screen. Below you can see that the navigation hardware is a Mk3 and the release is 63.

The numbers have the following meanings:

Find OS software files on Neil Oakley's website here.
With the introduction of the navigation system operating software V32, there are currently 2 valid versions of navigation software:

  1. Navigation system operating software V17.1 is used on MK III systems without the "split screen".
  2. Navigation system operating software V32 is used on MK I, MK II, MK III navigation systems with split screen, DVD-Top navigation systems (MK IV) on I-Bus vehicles and NAVI01, NAVI02, NAVI03 on E65/E66 vehicles.

After loading NAVI SW V32, the vehicle must be driven to ensure the proper functioning of the navigation system and the correct display of road number icons (e.g., interstate icons).

E65 and E66 Systems

For MK I, MK II, MK III, and DVD-Top NAV systems (except for the E65 and E66), use the following software loading instructions:

  1. Turn the ignition to position 1 (terminal R).

Do not cycle the key or perform diagnosis while installing the new software. Make sure that the power supply is stable, i.e., do not switch on any electrical loads.

  1. Activate "GPS-Navigation" and acknowledge the screen disclaimer by pushing the rotary knob on the board monitor.
  2. Remove the map CD from the navigation computer by pressing the "Eject" button.
  3. Insert the navigation software CD (V17.1 P/N 01 59 9 789 299 index "x" for Mk III without the split screen; V32 P/N 01 59 0 141 891 index "y" for all other versions).
  4. Mark I System (up to 9/97 production):

After a few seconds, the BMW roundel will appear on the board monitor and will be "filled in" clockwise to show the progress of loading (approx. 4-6 minutes).
Mark II System (from 9/97 production)
Mark III System (E46 from 06/00 and E38, E39, and E52 from 09/00 production)
DVD-Top navigation system (E46, E39, E52 from 09/02 and E53, E85 from 10/02 production):
After a few seconds, a menu of notes on the loading procedure and the "Progress" bar appear on the board monitor.
When the loading process has been completed, the message "Software has been successfully loaded" is displayed.

  1. Remove the navigation system operating software CD and confirm the end of the loading process by pressing the rotary knob on the board monitor. "OK" appears in the display.
  2. Drive the vehicle before delivering it to the customer to ensure that the navigation system is functioning and displaying (interstate icons) correctly.